Spotify playlists highlighting the music of Kansas City Womxn!

Hear music women from the KC metro area, past and present, on these great Spotify playlists. There is over 24 hours worth of make it your new daily song fix. Shuffle it, turn up the volume, share it with your friends and enjoy! Help our local artists gain recognition. Please contact us if you have a suggestion for additional playlists!

Excellent quality and variety: Americana, Blues, Country, Dance, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Latin Rock, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Rock-a-Billie, Roots, Singer-Songwriter, Surf Noir, Tone Poems, Urban.


KC Women, Band Together

Solo female musicians and bands led by women from the KC area, Curated by Marva Besette 

Badass Females of Kansas City

Curated by Aubrey Dykeman

Lindsay's KCWMN Board Playlist

Curated by Lindsay Jarrett

Amanda's KCWMN Board Playlist

Curated by Amanda O'Brien

Aaron's KCWMN Board Playlist

Curated by Aaron Henton


Other local music playlists:

Kansas City Ultra Local (co-ed)

An eclectic mix of Kansas City's hometown offerings from various locally based artists.