Grant Recipients

Stacy BuschStacy Busch

Congratulations to Stacy Busch! She is a composer/performer working in acoustic and electronic music. Stacy's project is an evening-length vocal work for women’s voices titled "She Breathes Fire". The piece is written for women’s octet and utilizes electronics through vocal sampling and manipulation. Though the piece integrates acoustic and electronic methods, all of the material in the piece is generated through the voice. The concept for the piece was created while Stacy attended the ArtHouse Holland residency in the Netherlands in October 2022. "She Breathes Fire" is inspired by folklore, fantasy and nature. The piece offers its own folkloric tale seen through the eyes of women and provides an alternative history that is in stark comparison to the heroism society has internalized.

The three public performances of “She Breathes Fire” will be Friday, October 6 at 8PM, Saturday, October 7 at 8PM and Sunday, October 8 at 2PM at City Stage Theater in Kansas City, Missouri. The work will be staged alongside original choreography by Jennifer Owen (Artistic Director, Owen/Cox Dance Group) and will feature 6 dancers among the 8 singers.

Thank you, Stacy, for elevating the work and history of women in creative expression! 


Natasha Ria El-ScariNatasha Ria El-Scari

Natasha Ria is a spoken word artist and a jazz poet. Her voice is the instrument of her poetic voice.  Natahsia Ria's project is to write and produce an album of self-expression, self-care, and empowerment for listeners. In 2023, she plans for two additional releases, bringing her catalog to six albums.  

Great work, Natasha Ria, on sharing your voice to a world that needs to hear your message!


Destiny White-DixonDestiny White-Dixon

Destiny White-Dixon is endeavoring on a journey to create Curious Music, a program aimed at breaking down barriers for musicians of all ages and skill levels. Whether someone is a seasoned musician looking to explore new instruments or a beginner looking to develop their skills, the program offers a safe and supportive environment for experimentation and learning. "There is no gatekeeping at Curious Music!" says White-Dixon. 

This grant offering will allow Destiny to establish Curious Music as a business and reach their goal of providing programs by this summer.  KCWMN thanks you for the work you're doing to provide the tools and training necessary for musicians to grow! 


2022 Recipient Katerina JaeKaterina Jae

Katerina Jae plans to use the grant funding to support her efforts with Ramona Clay, a music collective that has partnered with mental health organizations to work toward increasing access and decreasing the stigma around mental health treatment.

Upcoming events for Ramona Clay include a live show on Sunday Nov 13th at the VIVO in Overland Park and a release of their album planned for the spring!

Tickets for the show can be purchased here:


Zahra BriggsZahra Briggs

Congratulations to Zahra Briggs! She is a singer and a songwriter with a passion for supporting other talented artists. She has helped to produce several shows in KC to showcase other great artists.

This $250 grant will help her invest in her next event - the Pajama Jam '22! The event will be held at Westport Bowery on Dec 2nd at 7 pm! Thank you, Zahra, for all you do for the KC music community!




Krista Kopper grant recipientKrista Kopper

Congratulations to Krista Kopper! A self-proclaimed fanatic of modern and contemporary music, Krista is a versatile double and electric bassist.

On January 18th, her low string trio No Treble is giving a concert at the Interurban Arthouse in Overland Park, where they will premiere three new works that they commissioned from Kansas City composers.

Receiving the $250 grant will allow them to not only make a living doing what they are passionate about but also frees up other funds to invest back into the arts community and create opportunities for other musicians, many of whom are women. She believes it is important for women to be visible leaders in the arts community and we couldn't agree more!

Thank you, Krista, for all you do for the KC music community!