Member Spotlight: Lynne Grimes




Originally Published December 10, 2020

Our next Member Spotlight is Lynne Grimes!

Lynne Grimes Member Spotlight

"I am a local songwriter/musician who has played in various bands for the past 30 years. Most of my musical career has been spent playing in many bars and dives. I have also had the good fortune to write & record national jingles as well as open for acts such as the Wallflowers, Quiet Riot, and Tech N9ne. Over the last few years, I have concentrated on honing my craft of writing and recording.

I am grateful for KCWMN for it is through KCWMN that I have discovered a diverse group of amazingly talented friends/musicians with whom I have had the chance to work with on both community and personal recording projects. I believe that communities and music have the power to change our world! Let's go forth, do some good, and have some fun!"

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Facebook: Lynne Grimes Music

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