Member Spotlight: Erin Eades

Originally published October 26, 2020

Welcome to our first Member Spotlight!

Erin Eades Member Spotlight

Today's Member Spotlight is Erin Eades

“I'm a singer-songwriter with influences in indie rock, alternative, and country - I call it "Americana with a side of grit". Kansas City has been home for over 7 years and felt like the place where I could finally bring my music to life. Joining KCWMN was my introduction to the music scene here, and I can't imagine what my life would look like without this incredible group. Networking with members led me to my first gig five years ago, and it's been the most wonderful journey. Since then I've performed over 150 shows in the area, and released an EP in 2019. I've spent this time at home with a renewed focus on writing and can't wait to share new music with you soon. Cheers!”

Where can you find Erin:

Spoify: Erin Eades

YouTube: Erin Eades Music

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