KCWMN Master Class

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What is a master class?

A master class is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline—usually music, but also science, painting, drama, games, or on any other occasion where skills are being developed.

What is *OUR* master class? 

KCWMN is offering the opportunity to local songwriters and composers to gain access to these experts for a unique opportunity! Whether you're a composer who writes full music scores or a songwriter with a guitar, this opportunity is open to you!  Submit your work here, in the format of a PDF or Word doc, and optionally include an audio or video recording of you performing it. Then, our panel of professional musicians will review submissions, and select a few of these works to perform LIVE ON STAGE at Stray Cat Theatre on Tuesday, November 29. 


Who are the masters? 

We have three incredible artists, Leah Sproul, Sascha Groschang, and Laura Whitney-Johnson! Learn more about them here!

How do I get my shot? 

KCWMN is accepting submissions for compositions of up to 8 minutes in length, written for cello, piano, voice, guitar, or any combination. If you've got a longer composition, you may submit a 6-8 minute excerpt of a larger piece. Fill out THIS FORM and stay tuned for the selection committee to reach out and let you know if you're chosen! And mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 29 because if your piece is selected, you've gotta be there! And we invite everyone to bring their friends, family, and any other music lover in your life to come on down for the show!  

More questions? 

Just ask!  Email Bree for more info at bsherry@kcwomen.org with any other questions you have! 

See you there!