2023 KCWMN Grant Application

Kansas City Women's Music Network is offering funding to support Kansas City area females§ in the music industry.
We strive to offer these funding opportunities to members of this community who may be underrepresented and face financial challenges to meeting their musical goals.  To be considered, please complete this form.

Submissions will be evaluated by selection committee based on how well the submission represents the following: 

  • Does the submission clearly demonstrate need and benefit as based on the submission guidelines? 
  • Is there a finite time period to measure success? Is the goal well-defined? 
  • Do available funds demonstrate significant impact to meet the fundraising goal?

§KCWMN considers "female" to include any female-identifying human.

Do you agree to follow up with KCWMN within 6 months to share how this funding has benefited you?
Do you agree to allow KCWMN to feature you on social media and our website if you receive this grant?
Home Address
Preferred pronouns