2022 Board of Directors

 Amanda O'Brien, Executive Director

Amanda O'Brien | Executive Director

Amanda O'Brien is a local musician and community energizer who's never met a stranger. She spends her days working in health care technology, and her evenings and weekends engaging with the music b across Kansas City and beyond.  Her band, The Summer Storms has performed for global audiences at Folk Alliance International and  local & regional audiences across venues in the KC region.  “The Kansas City Women’s Music Network gave me the first time to venture out on my own as a fledgling musician, and gave me a safe place that I quickly learned to call home.  I owe my success as a musician to this organization, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to give back to KCWMN as the Executive Director.”  

Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3CWvZ2ChPmh9V1dALBMfyb?si=sJs_rZn7RiCfr35tlekOQg 

Lindsey Jarrett

Lindsey Jarrett | Board Member

Lindsey Jarrett is a passionate global citizen that centers her life around service to others. For the world, she is committed to creating inclusive and safe spaces for everyone. During her day job as a Researcher for a global healthcare IT company, she works to create an ecosystem where all people who consume and provide health care services are able to communicate efficiently with one another to improve health outcomes for all people. For her community, Lindsey is dedicated to facilitating the connection of people to the resources they need to get the lives they want, as she involves herself in several community based programs. Lindsey’s vision for Kansas City Women's Music Network is to create a community centered around music as a means to self-expression and freedom. Lindsey also is the founder and Executive Director of a Kansas City based non-profit, Music Across Borders with her husband, Nick Jarrett. 

Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6IJTm0n3D67ALYMx3ieiJE?si=ab2b25d7f1414be1

Aaron Henton, Chair

Aaron Henton | Chair

Aaron Henton is an avid music fan and Christmas music collector/aficionado.  He believes that music can be a positive influence for all, whether performer, composer, teacher, student, or listener, and that a strong and safe musical community should be attainable for all.  As a program manager for a global health IT company, he has taught many emerging leaders that the fundamentals of ethical thoughts and actions, communication, and listening are keys to professional growth.  Aaron has supported many independent musicians locally and nationally through backing musical projects, house concerts, social media, and his Christmas music blog.  Aaron sees the Kansas City Women’s Music Network as a means to elevate opportunities, learning, creativity, and safe spaces for women musicians living in and visiting our community.

Spotify Playlist:  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4gwVzilN1qSfiuFXwmtz00?si=xzt0NO6jTzKbeMSjoNimoQ

Amy Bostick, Treasurer

Amy Bostick | Treasurer

Amy Bostick is a music lover and vinyl collector. Despite not being a musician herself, she is passionate about creating safe spaces for women to learn and create music. During her day job as a taproom manager at a local microbrewery, she strives to highlight local organizations and non-profits to raise awareness and community involvement as well as create opportunities for local musicians to perform. Amy is passionate about community and is involved in other programs throughout the Kansas City area.

Bree Sherry

Bree Sherry | Board Member

Bree Sherry is a Program Manager at Mid-America ATTC within the Collaborative to Advance Health Services at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s School of Nursing and Health Studies. She has over 5-years of experience in event planning and project management. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Belmont University and desires to promote the mission of organizations who improve communities through arts programming. Serving on the Kansas City Women’s Music Network Board provides an opportunity to combine her strengths and work experience with her passion of music. In her free time, Bree enjoys harmonizing, going to concerts, and hiking with her dog Banjo!

Stephanie Leith, Secretary

Stephanie Leith | Secretary

Stephanie Leith has always had an interest and appreciation of music, despite not being a performing musician herself. She does however, have an aptitude for music and a bit of experience, which contributes to her deep appreciation for those who work to grow and share their talents. In her day job as a CRM consultant, one of her primary roles is supporting nonprofits as they implement CRM tools to increase efficiency and funding for their organization. As a member of the board, she hopes to apply those same skills to help support the mission of KCWMN.   

Stephanie is a lifelong resident of the Kansas City community along with her husband, son and two 4-legged family members. 

Thaddeus O'Brien, Board Chair

Thaddeus O'Brien | Board member

Thaddeus O'Brien is a Kansas City businessperson and member of the music community. From early in his professional career, Thaddeus has worked with non-profits and social service agencies both as a focus of his work and as a volunteer, board member and eventual board president of other Kansas City area non-profits. Thaddeus joined the board of the Kansas City Women's Music Network in early 2019.