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Jill Westra Member Spotlight

Jill Westra is a Missouri-born singer/songwriter whose passion lies in unearthing musical chemistry with others. For decades she has performed and written acoustic solo material, but to truly find her in her element, check out her full band, “Jill Westra and Them KC Boys”. That’s where she gets to harness her badass, female-frontwoman juju and blast out the upbeat foot-stompers that showcase her rock n’ roll tendencies - the ones that are bypassed when she’s otherwise engaged in local songwriter showcases or performing with her acoustic Americana duo, “Distant Cousins” (with best friend Kelly Dougherty). Co-writing is also a favorite outlet for Westra, who has collaborated with numerous songwriters on a variety of projects for her own bands and others’. An environmental scientist by day (who also happens to be running for public office in 2021), and a multi-instrumentalist performing moonlighter after hours - you never know where Jill Westra may pop up next!

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Jill Westra & Them KC Boys

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Originally published July 22, 2021

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